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Hello there!

We are Brei & Cherie - sisters' miles and mountains apart, but with an ambition to plant seeds of Christ into every child's heart. We hoped to instill in them the importance of their faith and as we grew older and had our own children, we realized that there was a need for children's books that not only entertained but also to teach valuable lessons grounded in faith.


In a world filled with countless children's books, we embarked on a remarkable journey to create stories that not only captivate young minds but also weave the message of Jesus into their pages. With our shared passion for writing and art, also our unwavering faith, we embraced the challenge of creating children's literature that would inspire and uplift young readers. Thus, Raising Sparrows was born - a children's literature line of heartfelt stories about making a difference, inspiration, and recognizing the beauty in all things God created. 

We began to brainstorm ideas for their children's books. We wanted the stories to be relatable, enchanting, and full of timeless wisdom. Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, we explored themes of love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. As we wove these themes into their narratives, we found that the stories gained a profound depth and resonance. Our commitment to excellence pushed us to create beautifully crafted stories that would engage children's imaginations while conveying the eternal truths found in the Bible.

We started this journey years ago in hopes to one day get there:  "someday" always filling our hopes. Well....we are finally on the last leg of the race and almost there! And as someday approaches, we hope for you to join us along on this journey as we publish our first book. 

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It's finally here - our first children's book dedicated to

Soldier's and their families!

 Amazon Link: A Soldier's Heart

Brei Falkner and Cherie Dillon
Black & White Minimalist Aesthetic Initi
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